Disney Character Promiscuity

ABC Family Reruns
They are the...BEST! I got all caught up on my Disney movie collection this morning just laying in bed! Aladdin 1,



were all on today...and all before 2:30! That's a prime example of good TV programming skills...trust me, I took a class on it.

Post-Aladdin going from rags to riches, good old Snow White came on...singing her heart out to every mammal in the forest she could find!

What a sweet gal. I wonder how sweet she'd be if she found out her beloved was also hanging out with....SLEEPING BEAUTY?! Compare the photos...Come on Disney, not all prince charmings look like this.

Picture 1 is Prince "no name" from Snow White...who I believe later ditched Snow White for the long blond locks of Sleeping Beauty...her pseudoname: Aurora. Picture 2 is Prince Phillip, who got tired of the pale-faced Snow White and headed for the land of 3 fairies.

This is all I have to say about "sweet" Snow White if she ever found out about this little Prince-sharing ordeal.

I'm sure she'd also be a hit story on the hit Oxygen TV show Snapped.

Today's Goal: It's late in the evening so I just hope I don't dream about Disney. It's all I think about these days between ABC reruns and work!

Today's Obsession: CHF: Congestive Heart Failure

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