Das Boot: Part 2!

I love the movie Beerfest. So I love to quote it. I also love the fact that I wore DAS BOOT today! Not my own das boot, Running Off the Reese's was nice enough to lend me her extra pair of das rain boot for the rainy-day season. Bless her!

Just an aside...I wore das boot on Monday. It happen to be the only day this week when the sun was out and there was no rain.

(Cue "Blue Skies")

So I'm walking through campus with red rain boots on (that have bulldogs on them) and I'm pretty sure someone yelled, "Hey retard it's not raining!" when I walked by.

Thank you Texas A&M for letting me know that I was wearing rain boots...when it was NOT in fact raining, and there were no visible puddles to step in. Ya REALLY think I didn't already know that?!

Today is a new day however and I happen to get a chance to wear das boot out on campus again. I was worried at first. I woke up and by 10 a.m. it was pouring down rain, but would it still be raining by 12:30 when I had to leave for class?

...only time would tell.

At 12-o-clock I was loading up my book bag for a big day on campus and decided to risk the rain-boot-situation once more.

To my surprise it was POURING CATS AND MOTHER EFFIN DOGS when I walked out of pharmacology by 3:50 p.m., and that put a huge smile on my face. (Ha-ha! To all you flip-flop wearin' fools!)

I tipped my hat to the rain-maker

...tucked my jeans into my red rain boots, zipped up my jacket and happily passed by the onlookers as they stood (inside and) sad at the fact that they would have to walk through a solid inch of standing water (without rain boots) on their way to class.

Mua-hahahahahah....I wanted to throw my head back with laughter, but I held it together.

Even though I didn't laugh, I was definitely thinking silent thoughts...

"Who's retarded now?!"

I love das boot!

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