Nursing 101

2 Weeks In
2 weeks into school and I...LOVE....IT! I'm so interested in the classes I'm taking it's a little scary, so THIS is what going to college for a specific career is like! Who woulda thought. The only problem right now is I took a day off from studying yesterday to hang out with my sweet sister who is moving tomorrow...and now I'm a little panicked. Today I owe myself a double-dose of reading in all of my classes...crap!

So Instead of Reading....
So instead of reading right now, I'm blogging and sipping my espresso...like the nerd that I am. AND I've chosen today to get back into my running schedule (which I've been skipping out on since I got back from my mountain vacation). What can I say...I never was a good athlete.

I was the kid who when the coach yelled at you to hurry up...

I looked her right in the eye and decreased my pace around the track... HA-HA-HAAAA.

So today I will pass on running outside beneath the cover of darkness in the hellish Corpus Christi night heat .... and head to the rec where I can feel like a Michelin Man for all the fit kids of college to see. Hopefully I won't be the slowest Michelin Man on the inside track... that's just embarrassing.

Today's Goal: Read Chapter 15-Pharmacology, Chapter 1 Lifespan, whatever chapter I haven't started yet in Health Alterations, make 2 well-written posts about Health Alterations, hmmm, I know there's more. It's not a fun list trust me.

Today's Obsession:
Running 2 miles

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