Girls....I mean "Rats Gone Wild"

Not a Post about Rats Going Topless
I just wanted to point out the obvious that this post is not about rats taking their tops off, like some girls on the infamous "Girls Gone Wild." I mean, come on, rats don't wear clothes....what were you thinking!

So during a semi-fabulous $1 movie with Running Off the Reese's last night, I found out there are still movie theatres who don't have stadium seating. How strange! If those things still exist when I have kids I'm definitely taking them to one...their little pieces of history! Truth be told, it was the kind of theater you checked your seat for needles, but it was still a fun experience. I'll just be sure and get my kids vaccinated before I take them one day.

Anywho! So the movie was Twilight Eclipse...and I'm sad to say it was mediocre.

....nothing else to say on that subject.

Post-Mediocre Film-Making
So after I arrive home from this sub-par movie, I took the infamous Maddie outside to tinkle....she was speaking her mind like crazy when I got home last night so I knew she would need to walk around the entire apartment complex before settling down for the night.

That's when we ran into this "little" guy.

Cue hysterical screaming

Who is running a rat growth project in Corpus Christi?! Whoever you are....STOP!! Stop it right now! These things are the size of small cats...but fatter. Hm, I guess they could be compared to Scout, Running Off the Reese's Cat.

The circle of lifeeeee.

Whew! I could say getting me onto a little tangent about something random, so I will stop here and control my mind from wondering!

Today's Goal: Kill a freakin rat, what else!

Today's Obsession:
Doing not one bit of school work....ok well I'm going to read a little, but that's it! Other than that, it's all about the pool today.

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