Me and Usha have Confessions

Confessions...Part 1
Like Usher, I too, have a confession...but I will spare you my awful song-writing skills and just tell you what my closet-skeleton of the week is.

I have an entire bookshelf full of books I haven't read, have started reading and not finished or have been given and I haven't even touched for weeks, months and years. I was recently told I just HAD to read the book, of course I don't remember what it was called...so I can't tell you. But I responded to the comment that I had about 6 books I had to finish reading before I bought a new one.

I have been bad.

After meeting with my boss at good old Barnes & Noble, I stumbled upon 2 books I just couldn't live without. So I added them to my collection of must-reads yesterday!


I'm so excited to read them!!

More Social Cues...or the lack thereof
Today was a fabulous day-off at the beach with "Running Off the Reese's," mimosas and a good book...I'm officially finishing 1 book at a time from my collection of "untouched" libros. Wish me luck!

So we pull up onto the beach, next to some awkward college newbies. 3 girls, 3 boys, 1 big ocean to separate them...even though they all rode together, the se
xes parted the minute they all got their feet wet. Why? I'm still curious myself. I really wanted to go up and ask the guys why they weren't communicating with the girls, but I was advised against it. We're pretty sure the breakdown is the following:

1 boy & 1 girl like each other. They each say "lets go to the beach, oh and I'll bring my friends".

1 boy & 1 girl each bring 2 friends for social back-up. The friends of the opposite sex are awkward, don't really like each other and are equally let down by the phy
sical appearance of the other.


Official drink of the poor college student and fast awkward air breaker for those of the opposite sex.

What I Learned Today: that I am an old lady at heart. My beach buddy and I ended up moving down the sand do to loud, hang-banging music played by the awkward group next to us. I think they were trying to kill the awkward turtle in the room by blaring loud music to stop any possible chance of awkward conversation...I am officially old.

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