Wireless Guru in the Making

3 1/2 Sad Months of no Wireless Internet
I have been living in Corpus Christi, Texas now for 3 1/2 months and have been using cable internet since the move. My good friends Running Off the Reese's and my New Jersey friend, who I will refer to as Snooki shared some sound advice with me.

...invest in a wireless router. That was 3 1/2 months ago....so I went to the very reliant, Best Buy, and purchased one of these.

Setup was awful! I tried several times and then Running Off the Reese's came over and attempted to setup the darn thing....

Basically...it was an utter and complete FAILURE!

Thursday Night Non-Mischief
So what do you do on a Thursday evening when you have neither school or work the next day? Attempt to connect your wireless router of course! So after 4...I repeat FOUR attempts at connecting my wireless router...it...worked! I can't believe it. I am sitting here using the internet...wirelessly! Hip Hip Hooray! I'm so excited I could... ride an alligator!

Ok ok....so that's a little over the top, but I definitely did a little happy dance after I got the thing working!

Today's Goal: Find a tennis partner...I'm dying to use my racket!

Today's Obsession:
Ok let's think more along the lines of tomorrow's obsession, let's get real, it's already 11:41 at night. So hmmm....lets see...tomorrow's obsession....THE BEACH!

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