Like Mother Like Daughter

Cowboys v. Daaa Bears
Cowboys are kicking off their season now 0-2 for the first time since 2001, that's 9 years. They had their booties handed to them by the Bears.

But it's okay...maybe the Cowboys will get their ducks in a row and do some Superbowl work this season. Fingers crossed!!

I was born and bread a Dallas Cowboy fan, and will be for life! So I don't really have a choice in liking football, but yesterday's game was just so enthralling I decided when it got to half time, I would rest my eyes for a little bit. Ya know, I want to keep my green eyes fresh for every sack Roy Williams made. I wouldn't fight this guy...he seems so coordinated...and I am so....NOT! I choose to fight with my words, not my fists. You can call me a diplomat. For example, if I believe someone is wrong on an issue, I would say...

"YOU sir are incorrect!"

Roy Williams response.

"Did ya not hear me?! I said...."

Next thing I know it's 4:30 and someone's snoring jolted me out of deep sleep...considering I live alone and am an avid deadbolt locking fool, I'm sure the snoring was just the dog...yeah, had to be the dog.

Like Mother Like Daughter
So neither of us, Maddie or myself, are men so I can't use the phrase like father like son, which flows off the tongue so much better...but ya work with what ya got!

So come to find out, Maddie does in-fact snore, but I'm afraid the snore that awoke me from my coma-nap

yesterday did....sadly.....come from me. If you can't tell, I take napping very seriously. If you cover the face, no one can see all the awful expressions I make while I'm snoozing...and I feel as though bugs are less likely to crawl into my mouth.

And nobody likes a dirty mouth!

To the point already!! Like mother like daughter comes from this picture that I will never forget. Maddie is passed out on a Sunday afternoon....with my shirt draped over her face to block out all the light...and to keep the bugs out of her mouth. I didn't put the shirt there just FYI, what a little white creeper.

Today's Goal: Get my spin on! Bring it on night-time spin class! Just call me Roy Williams! Ready and waiting to TAKE YOU DOWNNNN.

Today's Obsession: Getting through another bit of online work for school

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