I may be old...but atleast I'm not a Freshman

Ok, So I'm not Actually Old...
I am by no means "old." People get a little frustrated when I talk about the aging process, my joints getting weaker, etc when in all honesty, I'm pretty young in comparison to the rest of the world.

Like a well-trained child of "Sue", I will never reveal my true age. To you, I will forever be 21+, until I turn 30, and then I will be 30+, etc. (Today, I love to use etc.) Mom has been, dare I say, 50 (eeeek, I said it, please don't kill me Sue) "for more than one year now." Through this tedious effort to hide her real age from the public, friends and family, people have actually become confused about how old she is, so I know this method of secrecy and confusion does in fact work.

I may not be old, but I'm old enough to know better...
So I may not be an old, wise woman of the world yet, but I do have a few life-stories under my belt. When you're 18 and a fresh, young high school graduate, all you can think about it getting into college...to continue on your mission to impress people, and be the coolest of the cool...is this not the reason people go to college?


But, it's damn funny to see the new faces of America's intellectual future walking down the main walkway at school...



According to the man on the radio, the heat index was 106 today. In this awful heat I came across a little 18 year old girl with her backpack on, capri pants and a very snug shirt cruisin' down the sidewalk enjoying the sweet smell of freedom [from parental control] at school. The poor thing can be found staying out late, watching tv at all hours of the night and just being a rebel in general on campus for the rest of the semester...until she finds out her grades will suffer, and thus her future, when finals time comes in December and she bombs at least 1 final.

Good luck sweet freshmen. May the Lord be with you.

There's a Handbook for Everything!
So "Running Off The Reese's" and I are going to create a student handbook, specifically for freshmen, to help those young fresh-faces of college avoid inevitable failure at life...like the "high heel incident" noted above.

Please feel free to post your commentary below about rules and regulations you feel the infamous "incoming freshmen" should know about.

Today's Goal: Whew...it's late it the day, I've accomplished all I want to...or all I'm going to, so now it's to the couch to watch the tube!

Today's Obsession:
Watch the season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey... you know it's going to be INSANE!

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