The Blog About... Nothing?

I Know the Title of this Blog includes the words Advertising and Nursing

So I would just like to say I DO realize that my blog is suppose to be about the adventures of my nursing degree, but bare with me...it hasn't started yet. Trust me, it's sneaking closer and closer each and every day. In the mean time, I will share with you the entertaining little bits of my life pre-nursing school.

Today could be considered the 1st blogging day that includes anything associated with becoming a nurse...the HESI exam.

First and foremost, who names an exam HESI? It sounds like a possible STD. I realize it is an acronym that stands for Health Education Systems, Inc., but still. It just sounds ridiculous. I feel like I'm taking the "heffer" exam... which I'm sure I wouldn't have to study for.

So I will be taking the exam this coming Friday at a local testing center. So far the HESI study guide's Physics section is kicking my bootay. Now I'm sure all you engineering nerds out there (cough Chelsy) would have no problem with this, but I never had to take Physics. Grr.

Por ejemplo:

1. A circuit consists of a 10-ohm resistor, a 15-ohm resistor, and a 25-ohm resistor. The resisters are placed in series and then wired to a 100-V power supply. Determine the current flowing in the circuit.

Caroline: 0

After leaving Texas State University with a degree in Mass Communication-Advertising and having grammar, spelling and punctuation rules drilled into my brain, I have no problem telling you that a comma between the last group of words "resister" & "and," in the above HESI question, was not necessary. Oh and receiving daily email updates on GSP rules from my favorite grammar website also helped me come to this conclusion about the word-phrase above.

(I LOVE the Grammar Girl website). Telling you anything about physics.....I cannot do.

So wish me luck, I'm going to need it.

Today's Goal: Master one section of the HESI study guide

Today's Obsession:
I can't stop thinking about the fajita meat seasoning in my kitchen for tonight's quesadillas. Oh! And I get to use my quesadilla maker, courtesy of my cousin's in Austin!


  1. Actually the comma is appropriate per APA guidelines. We don't all use Turabian.

  2. I was trained in a different lingo my friend. How are those Reese's doing today?