Mountain Vacation Day 4: Lazy Ladder Making

Budgeting in the Mountains...what else would I be doing?
Mother would like to do a budget for me today. If you know me that just makes me cringe. I love to budget, but I don't like others to budget for me. Sorry Mom. So I am taking a break from budgeting to print out my tuition bill for this fall semester...and it's awful I just want to mention. Why am I getting another degree again? Oh yes! To be a nurse and help people...I must constantly remind myself of that. Although I was talking to my folks about how I could get up here at least once a year after I graduate and still afford the cost of living.

"Duh"...says John Wayne

"Just be a traveling nurse during the summer." (John you're so smart.) If the ad agency ( I believe it's Proctor & Gamble) who does modern day Old Spice commercials, were around years ago in John Wayne's prime, I'm sure he would have been the target of their commercials for deodorant. Very manly don't ya think? Yes I want you to bake me a home made cake in the kitchen you built me by hand!!

Lazy Ladder Construction
Today I built a ladder for my wild life observatory. I feel so handy!!

Ok. I'm tired now. No more building things for a couple days.

I guess I'll go back to the house and cooperate with my mother and let her make me a budget. It makes her happy doing little accounting things.

Today's Goal: Budget with my mother....happily

Today's Obsession:
Trying the neighbor's Mount Juleps. It's the official drink of the summer!

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