Grilling 101: Grill-Masters Prohibited

Grilling 101: Grilling with Chub
I have never grilled before. I have owned a cheap-o Wal-Mart grill that my best friend and old roommate use to fire-up from time to time to make cheeseburgers, but I was always happy to be the assistant.

Last night, I officially grilled solo for the first time! It was a pile of emotions all wrapped into a few hours that ended with me and 5 friends gorging ourselves with deliciously well-cooked hamburger meat.

Be aware, I believe it is illegal in the state of Texas to even have a grill in the vicinity of your apartment...something about burning down the entire complex, who knows. So when you are being a law-breaker like myself, be sure to keep your ears open for the sound of a siren. If the siren gets closer, wheel your mini-grill over to your neighbors apartment, take the charcoal inside and watch the drama unfold! No, don't do that, that's mean.

Here is a very simplified grilling guide that should not for any reason be used without questioning another source.

Step 1: Put some self-lighting charcoal nuggets into your mini-grill

Step 2: Light 'em (I would suggest sticking your long, candle lighter into the grill from the side. Oh! And not too many nuggets, otherwise things can go awry. I came close to burning my entire right arm off when I lit my nuggets from the top, and then how would I be a nurse?!)

Step 3: Let the fire die..on it's own, do NOT close the pit...one of the failures I stumbled on last night.

Step 4: Call your friend who has a husband and tell them the grill is ready and we should put the burgers on soon.

When the husband gets there, give him a drink and send him outside to fix whatever may be going wrong. I personally believe men like to take over grilling, fixing cars, changing tires, etc. for women. There's a good possibility the ego boost of taking care of business hides the fact that we women have just put them to work :)

Step 5: Friend's husband grills the burgers.

Now get out there and do some grillin'!!

Breast Milk
Who knew the breast feeding process was so interesting.

Hopefully you can understand how awkward I felt opening this picture up in the middle of eating lunch in the UC on campus the other day. Don't worry. When we cover the reproductive systems in class, I will NOT be posting pictures.

Anyhow, I found out how cool breast feeding was on my first day in Pharmacology class. There are certain medicines you should definitely steer clear of, then those that can be substituted for another brand of medicine depending on how the medicine is broken down and carried across membranes.

Check out this website and you can learn all about it!!

The Infamous Comma
A little while back, I stated I was confident in my use of commas in a phrase that contained a list of 3 items and there was no need for a comma between the 2nd listed item and the word "and". I was corrected by a friend of mine, but I am finally ready to rebuttal the issue that this style of word phrasing does not exist.

According to the AP Stylebook, Punctuation Guide, page 325.
"In a series: Use commas to separate elements in a series, but do not put a comma before the conjunction in a simple series: The flag is red, white and blue. He would nominate Tom, Dick or Harry."

Be aware sweet readers, this particular style book is used most frequently by magazine and newspaper editors and broadcasters, as well as others in the media industry.

Today's Goal: Read 1 chapter for each of my 4 classes...by the pool...without falling asleep.

Today's Obsession:
Whale Wars!! Season finale tonight...hahaha...they are so flipping dramatic!

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