Mountain Vacation Day 7 1/2: Have you Heard about the Tepees

Have you Heard About the Tepees?

So during my last post I was feeling a tad pressured to wrap it up since Mom was sitting next to me being bored in the St. Mary’s lounge after dinner. What I forgot to mention was we were staying at a beautiful hotel in St. Mary’s.

Mom and I found out about a special accommodation the hotel at St. Mary’s offers while we were checking-in earlier today. A little man, say in his late 40s, early 50s was checking into his tepee. I tried not to chuckle as Mercedes, the check-in girl, was telling the man about his tepee. Then he turned back to us and we assured him his children would have a blast staying in the tepee. Little does that poor man know those kids are going to hate him by tomorrow morning when they’re little booties are freezing and they wake up with the sun.

Now there are multiple options at the hotel in St. Mary’s.

The basement accommodations:

The regular accommodations that don’t include AC, TV, etc:

The regular accommodations that DO include AC, TV, etc:

I’m sure there is an Oprah suite somewhere in this hotel also.

Then there are the tepees you heard about earlier. Two tepees literally sit on the side of the road for little families to stay in that want to really rough it out in the woods.

These tepees come equipped with a shower house key for…you know…shower and restroom needs. I’m sure after hearing about the shower house key that comes included with the tepee package you’ll be calling St. Mary’s Lodges to book one ASAP.

What do these families do while they’re staying in tepees?

The little hooligans play in the river and stop any wildlife from coming close to the area.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em. I just think praise the Lord they’re keeping busy when they’re on a family vacation. One certain family vacation that could possibly be similar to the one I took when I was younger. 14 years old, getting ready to start high school, only interested in boys and my family decides to take me into the woods for a month….SAY WHAT?!

Anyway that time in my life is over now and I just hope those poor souls in the tepee don’t kill each other tonight.

Have you Heard About the Rude RV Owner?

After the sweet little man who wanted his children to stay in a tepee for their vacation left with his shower house key, a woman joined us at the front desk. She was hacked off as all get out! Now I understand how frustrating it can be and just how flustered you can become when your hotel plans get a little switched up.

Eg. Woman “A” books 2 hotel rooms that are on the same side of the hotel, facing the same side. The hotel tells woman “A” this is possible and her rooms are being cleaned.

Woman “A” goes to check-in at the front desk and two different rooms are given to her. [Just an aside: 2 rooms are promised to her and then given to her during peak tourist time & during the 100th year anniversary of Glacier Park….let that sink it…she’s lucky]

Woman “A” gets her panties in all sorts of a bunch and tells Mercedes the rooms given to her were not the rooms promised, even though they are the exact same type of room at the same price.

Mercedes explains to Woman “A” that she’s sorry but the rooms are all booked up and she is more than welcome to stay in the rooms given to Woman “A”.

Correct Response by Woman “A”: Well ok, I’m disappointed at the inconvenience but we will take the rooms.

Incorrect/Ignorant/Actual Response by Woman “A”: Well I’ve already parked the RV out in the front of the rooms I thought we were going to have….can’t you just have the people in those rooms move?

I’m pretty sure Woman “A” was a resident of a northern state, possibly Minnesota. All I can say is my Dad’s favorite bumper sticker:

“American by birth, Texan by the grace of God.”

No offense all you non-Texans….Texans are just cooler.


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