Mount Vacation Days 6-7: Over the River and Through the Woods

Day 6: And I thought I was lazy before
Day 6 of my vieja de montanas consisted of rising with the sun at an early 11:30 a.m. After breakfast I continued on my mountain vacation by venturing over the continental divide.

Yes, it took 3 hours round-trip, but the country was beautiful to drive through. Post-divide, my day/evening was absorbed with celebrating Thanksgiving in August. The best idea ever!! The A-mazing dinner at the Crane’s house (the neighbors) consisted of a massive Turkey, dressing, broccoli and all the fixins. And what’s a Thanksgiving dinner in August without Pina Coladas might you ask? Well, duh. It’s not a proper one!

So Mr. Crane shook up a few round of pina while the girls chatted it up at the dinner table. 3 hours later, the day was over and Mom and I were driving home on the 4 wheeler. Needless to say, we passed the driveway on our hilarious drive home...[ha...imagine that Mr. Crane!]

Day 7: Over the (North Fork) River and Through the Woods to St. Mary's we go
Today was a big day on the road! Driving from the North Fork to St. Mary's in one day was fun, but full of adventures, which I assume you would expect. It started out with our normal stop into Polebridge. Except today wasn't so normal, it was PACKED!! A city that has a population of who knows, 50, and houses 1 general store had at least 20 people in it. It was awfully
crowded! Just call me John Wayne from now on.

Next, Mom and I battled road construction inside Glacier Park. Who needs a 'guide car' in Glacier Park?!?! No one goes over 40 mph in the park anyway, they're all busy telling their kids to hush-up in the back seat, and answering the never ending
question, "Are we there yet?"

Wow just the memories of myself as a child, hounding my parents about how long the family trip was, makes me not want to reproduce ANY time soon.

Before I knew it Mom and I were rounding corners going 25 mph around mountain tops that threatened to make us both car sick.

Thankfully I wasn't nervous....and didn't puke, which is totally unlike me when it comes to heights. Sue, on the hand, was in a panic and couldn't unclench her fist.

After making fun of Mom in my mind for several minutes, eventually I became hysterical. It wasn't just a chuckle, if you know my family, you know once we get to laughing it's hard to stop us. Our shoulders start bouncing and then we're rocking back and forth while tears stream down our faces. I'm an avid believer that laughter is the best medicine.

3.5 hours later Mom and I were pulling into St. Mary's. Absolutely gorgeous! Now we are totally "roughin it" in a 2-bed hotel room, with TV, running water AND air conditioner.

Well my wireless signal is going in and out so I'm going back to the mountain scenery. Back to my wine and huckleberry dessert!

Today's Goal: Relax and love the mountain air!

Today's Obsession: Mapping my way to see a glacier tomorrow. I'm pretty sure we have to take a boat part way there....how exciting!!

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