PDA on a Plane....Really?!

A Happy Texan
Even though I have been pretty bummed about leaving my mountain oasis, the minute I got off the plane in Austin last night...I was overjoyed. I'm a true Texan, what can I say? I was raised by the motto: American by Birth, Texan by the Grace of God. Lol.

I was also happy to know (or at least I thought) that I would forever avoid this trashy display of manhood after arriving back in the motherland.

I'm pretty sure some want-to-be mountain men use these decals to portray they are "hunters & fishers"...a comment made constantly by The Millionaire Matchmaker on her show.

Omg! I have a task for her! Clean up the men of Montana...no offense boys, but somebody had to say something.

This morning I ran into to Starbucks. On my way out I hopped in my car, only to look up and see this.

This man didn't want to waste his time with a laptop. He was obviously trying to get some SERIOUS work done. Just an odd thought I'd share with you.

Do you do PDA?
I don't. Who knows. Maybe one day that will change, but I doubt it. I'd prefer not showing any public displays of affection at all, no matter where I am...ever. It's just not my thing looking deeply into someone's eyes while I mid-shop or mid-dinner.

Considering I'm not a PDA person, I obviously wasn't a big fan of the couple pretty much making out on the plane ride to Austin last night.

I sit down and am happy to see I will have my entire row to myself....SCORE! Then a woman sits down and then says something about needing to take her little girl's backpack back to her. (It was a Barbie backpack so I this was no adult child the woman was traveling with). So I offered to switch seats with the daughter so she could be by her mom.

DANGIT! She said yes.

Little did I know, I would have my worst PDA nightmare come true.

Another glass of wine please!

I can't get Enough Enrique
I know I've already talked about Enrique and his new hit song, but I just can't get enough! I was jamming in the RAV4 this morning down the highway and this is the best mental image I can give you.

(Please click the embedded link and listen to the first part of the song, I'm pretty sure you will understand my next paragraph after listening)

Enrique Iglesias blaring his song (I Like It, featuring Pit Bull) over the loud speaker, surrounded by mirrors telling ladies to get those knees up higher and sweat, sweat, sweat! Similar to the interesting Mr. Simmons, but not so hyper. I could see Enrique only getting really into the workout after a long day when he needed to aerobicize to relieve the pressure of the celeb lifestyle.

Look at this face. He definitely does aerobics.

Specifically, step aerobics.

Can't you just see him, running around in 80's spandex-including waste-high belt, clapping his hands, telling at women, in his fabulous accent, to get those knees up high! High! High! Maybe that's just me and my mind being a little loopy.

Today's Goal: See Ben Campos (the radio man) and my bff Hannah!
So I realize today is over with and I must say: I saw the fabulous Ben Campos & I took a grand 4 hour nap at Hannah's folk's house, so I consider both goals completed!

Today's Obsession:

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