Registering for the HESI with gay Enrique

Warning: I am wide awake on espresso and a day's worth of .....happenings. I express myself well with pictures.

HESI Registration
If you are a wanna-be nurse you must sometimes register for a entrance exam depending on what school you plan on attending. HESI, as you have read in my previous blogs, is the exam I must take in order to be accepted into the post-bach nursing program. Well if you do indeed need to take the HESI, be sure and do the following:

1. Call to make an appointment at a local testing center

2. Get the "run-around" about being eligible to sign up for the exam (apparently everyone and their mother WANTS to take the HESI...for fun i guess).

3. Email Prometric with your personal info and school info (Just to make sure you really are a student who WANTS to take an entrance exam and make it rain $90 to go take the exam via computer) then wait 3-5 business days for them to confirm you really want to take the exam.

4. Go online to Prometric's testing website and schedule a testing day.

(Who gave Sarah a gun AND a calendar? hehehe.)

Is it like this for everything? I thought I had been through countless hours of paperwork getting my degree....ha! I hadn't seen anything until trying to sign up for the HESI.

For all of those needing to take the HESI, just a few words of wisdom, SIGN UP NOW! It doesn't matter if you don't need your scores for another year...just sign up NOW!

Enrique Iglesias ISN'T Gay?
So I get all this HESI crap cleared up and head to load up on some espresso. So here I am, sitting at a pleasant little coffee shop that reminds me of Austin and I preview this great song on iTunes.

Enrique Iglesias, "I Like It"

Tonight I'm in the mood for some booze-guzzling after a long week so I start to bob my head, I even did a little Jersey fist bump

...only for a minute though. Whoever put these fools on TV was on crack. But, just in case you are like me and viewed Jersey Shore for the first time 3 weeks ago, here is a proper fist bump guide. Is it "bump" or "pump"? I would appreciate knowing the proper terminology so I don't go around town looking silly calling it the wrong thing. ha.

Anyhow, back to the iTunes in the middle of the cute cafe. So here I am jamming to Enrique, listening to his ludicrous lyrics about taking home women while his girlfriend is out of town. I suddenly quit fist bumping and start to giggle.

Why is Enrique talking about taking women home, I thought he came out of the closet not too long ago?

I mean, seriously. Look at that pictures. He's so fragile and alone....poor guy, I bet he needs a friend. I could lend him one of mine?

After telling this hilerious story to my sister I was happily informed I had made a homosexual mistake. My hunky Enrique is NOT in fact gay. I was confusing him with Ricky Martin...Whoops.

Come on, what was I thinking! Well it gives me small sense of joy knowing that b-e-a-UTIFUL hunk of man is heterosexual. It's the same kind of joy I have knowing Chris Lambton is still single after being on this past season of the Bachelorette.

Hm! Who wears jeans to a rose ceremony....what a man! He best know after I lose a few pounds he's getting an email from THIS GIRL!!

Thank you Ali for turning this hot man down for Roberto's "salsa" love. (wink wink)

Today's Goal: Get a flight to Montana without paying an extra $795.00

Today's Obsession: Finding Chris's email address ;)

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