Dancing my way to Success

I'm Definitely going to Dress my Children in Animal Costumes
I've never seen a cute baby cow!! I just have to send a shout out to Adam Sandler, "good job reproducing Adam, who knew you could make such a cute kid." I really didn't expect it.

Back to school. Back to school. To prove to Dad that I'm not a fool.

Yesterday was my first day back to school, and oh how I love to learn! Yes, by mid-semester I will want to hang myself from stress and exhaustion, but I do enjoy the beginning-semester bliss I'm feeling now! If only someone would throw me a party at the end of each semester like Billy Madison had...that would be stellar!

So I got to have my first class of the day, and semester, in the new nursing building! Eeee...I just get excited thinking about it. One day I won't be able to control my excitement for nursing anymore and I whip out my nursing cap and cape and go skipping down the hallway...and probably burst into song too, I grew up watching too many musicals. Then other little nurses will pop out from behind the walls and we shall have a full on TAP NUMBER!

Ok. I've regained my sanity after that little imaginative episode.

Thankfully, my first class wasn't until 1-o-clock in the afternoon. I have never in my entire college career had a day of classes that started after 10 a.m. So this is nice...this is real nice. It's real nice until you get to campus 30 minutes before class and there are no places to park, I swear it's a miniature Texas State University. Except these kids don't know how good they've got it. Us Bobcats were given the privilege to park our cars "on campus" then walk 2 miles, UP HILL, to get to class.

Trust me. This is not a hill you WANT to walk up. I always felt bad for people who had to sit next to me after that long hike in the Texas heat, I know I couldn't have smelled delicious, like normal, after I climbed those hellish stairs. Just in case you find yourself in a similar scenario, just follow these basic steps.

I guess the only reason I walked up there every day might have had something to do with me getting my degree. AKA: the light at the end of the tunnel

...such a long tunnel. Why did I start a new tunnel?! Crap. New tunnel (nursing), different city (Corpus). Wait! I refuse to lose my drive at the beginning of my nursing journey.

Next item of business.

Today's Goal: Literally accomplish...hmm let me count real fast...10 different and very important things today. They are all boring and I'm sure insignificant to anyone elses livelihood, so I won't bore you.

(My spell check keeps telling me "elses" is not a word. Am I having a bad blond moment? Somebody help me out here)

Today's Obsession:
Getting the word out. There's finally another girl who understands 'not holding back anything' on the first date. hahahahahahh

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