Mountain Vacation Day 8: Morning Glory has a Whole New Meaning for Me!

Morning Glory...AKA: St. Mary's Mimosas
This morning Mom and I left the beautiful atmosphere of St. Mary’s Lodge

and went off into the wilderness. I DEFINITELY started my day out with a “Montana Cowgirl Breakfast.” (It comes with clogged arteries and small heart attack). I also slipped in a little thing called a Mimosa with breakfast

...now THAT'S the way to start out your morning, what was I thinking chugging coffee everyday?! Watch out nursing school, I'll be coming to classes real happy every morning from now on!

Nursing classes start on Wednesday by the way. Eeeee! Excited!

So after a fabulous breakfast at the lodge, Mom and I headed on down the road to Many Glacier Hotel. It's truly amazing and I suggest if you can find a way to get up there, you should do it! The history behind the hotel is so interesting. Read up on it here if you'd like. Mom and I got the whole sh-peel on a boat ride earlier today.

Now usually I'm not a touristy boat-ride kind of girl. Sitting in any type of vehicle (boat or bus), with 18 of my "closest friends" is just not my cup-o-tea. For instance....

Let your mind wonder for a minute.
Bad Tourist Adventure 1: What happens when you're on the Going to the Sun Road (which is cliff-ridden) and one tourist sees a bear. If the tourist is smart, and fears for his life like he should while on that road with a bunch of complete strangers, he will keep his mouth shut. Most tourists, being on some sort of high while their on vacation, are not that smart. The tourist mentions the bear, everyone rushes to one side of the bus to see the bear, then the entire bus rocks and goes tumbling down the mountain. No thanks, not for me.

Better yet...the idea of the Red Bus Tour through Glacier may seem like a good idea, but how would you have liked to be the group who had the driver who actually had a heart attack and drove off the road while touring the park? I'm not even joking. True story. You'll NEVER get me on a Red Bus Tour....ever.

Bad Tourist Adventure 2: This warning was actually given to us while we were on the boat today. Miss Captain Ashley over the mic (they're using a mic on a 25-person boat): "Now I'm sure we'll see some wildlife out there today and we ask that you point it out. But once you point it out we ask that everyone doesn't rush over to one side of the boat, otherwise we'll be using our life jackets today...." Thank you Captain Ashely, I'm glad I didn't have a fear of boating or I'd be off that little chugger and swimming back to shore in no time.

I know I know, if I'm not a big Touristy-Bus/Boat Girl...Why was I on one?
The goal of today was to make it to Glinnell Glacier and see the beautiful masses of ice that are actually in constant movement. There are only 10 glaciers left in the Park, according to Captain Ashley. The last time I came up to the mountains 2 years ago, I was determined to go see a glacier, but time wouldn't permit so I went back to Texas a glacier-less girl...I was very sad.

But since I was so determined this year, Mom and I hopped on that touristy boat that took us to the other side of lake at Many Glacier Hotel, a listened to Captain Ashely lie about the bears not being as big in Many Glacier part of the country, because it cut off 2 miles worth of hiking towards the glacier lookout. You can count on us to find a short cut, or just avoid as much physical activity as possible when we know we're going on a long hike....I'm kidding of course....kind of.

The Actual Hike
Hike to Grinnell Glacier Lookout
Mileage: 11.68 round trip (9.68 mi round trip if you take the boat one way)
Time Elapsed: 5 hours
Level of Difficulty: Glacier hiking books will say it's easy....they're full of crap. A more accurate rating would be moderate. Mom says an accurate rating for the typical Texas mom would be difficult-strenuous.

Today's Goal: Get through blogging about this entire day without writing a novel.

Today's Obsession: See me some animales!

Take a break from reading and get back to work! (you know who I'm talking to). There will be more on Day 8 later!

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