Corpus Christi Runner's Suicide Watch

Living Runners
Corpus Christi, TX may be on the list of the fattest cities in America, but if people keep running mid-day it will also become the location of highest deaths numbers via heat stroke! The following photos are taken within the hour, these people are obviously not in their right mind.

Exhibit A

::White male, in his early 20's, doing what appears to be "jogging" or "yogging" I'm not sure::

Exhibit B

::Hispanic male, late teens, riding bicycle::

ATTENTION: When you see these types of people, pull over and ask them if they are in their right state of mind. Obviously they aren't. Look what sort of conditions they're working out in.

Temperature: 97 degrees
Humidity: 44%
Feels like: Hell
Wind: There is no wind today, the weatherman here lies.

Dead Runners
These conditions and those that are considerably worse on different days of the week, are the reasons people have heat exhaustion, and sometimes stroke (don't quote me on this).

So hopefully exhaustion and stroke don't become an epidemic in Corpus, otherwise the local news stations will have no choice but to write stories of the demise of "fit people." And lets just get real if there were an epidemic of the physically fit croaking all over town due to heat and exhaustion it would be awful. Yet, when one attractive and fit person croaks...especially due to the training that leads them to be so in shape...us couch-potatoes...kindaaaaa grin. Now no one comes out and admits their pleasure with this gruesome turn of events...but we've all done it.

No Dead Runners....yet
Thankfully news stations don't have this runner's heat stroke epidemic to deal with just yet. So they focus on more important stories. You would think this video clip would be concerned with domestic and violent crimes, but I believe there's a hidden message here...EDUCATION...GET SOME!!

The hip hop version

Let's Sum it Up
1. We have some serious fat Americans in Corpus

2. We have some runners who are running towards death in Corpus

3. We have some very uneducated beings "hidin' their kids, hidin' their wives and hidin' their husbands cause they rapin' errbody round here."

4. We have some very good video editors out there! Bravo guys! I enjoy the edited version almost as much as I like the raw footage.

Let me know if these videos don't work!