Mountain Vacation Days 9 through 11: An Animal Recap

Animales de los montanas
So I have been a Montana cabin-dweller at my parent's house for the past 6 years and pretty much haven't seen one darn animal, other than deer.

Let's get real though...there are deer in Texas, I want to see the big boys! I've always had somewhat of an animal checklist which included:

1. Grizzly bear
2. Moose
3. Elk
4. Wolf
5. Mountain goat

I think God may have misinterpreted this animal checklist for somewhat of a Bucket List. Ya know, the things you have to do or see before you die.

I have seen each and every one of these things. 3 grizzly bear and one grizz had a cub with her, so I guess that's technically 4 grizzly bear.

A cow moose, lingering in the river as I hiked down from Grinnell.

Elk, Mom and I have seen in a herd when we've driven to MT in previous years. I've seen one wolf by the side of the road in Yellowstone National Park.

Then the mountains goats showed their pretty faces as I was driving around a cliff on "Going to the Sun Road." Mountain goats are not to be mistaken with the personal mountain goat I own and call by the name of Maddie. And don't worry about the hazy white blog next to Maddie. It's not a ghost, it's her cousin Emma Lough, AKA: The blur or haze, just depends on what I feel like calling that dog on a particular day.

I'm pretty sure the first words that came out of my mouth when I saw the goats

(after....DAS GOATS!! Of course I'm always thinking of the movie Beerfest)

was, "okay I must be getting ready to die."

It's not typical to see that many animals, and that much variety within a week's time. So basically, pray my flight lands safely tomorrow night.

Today's Goal: shellacking bear poop I picked up on the Grinnell hike. Google shellacking, it's an actual verb, or more commonly a noun: shellac.

Today's Obsession: Get caught up on my email and blogging....I'm so close to being done!

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  1. I know you'll land safely - glad you had such an adventure, but TX needs you to come home. :)

    Love you!