Nurse Goes to the Mountains: Day 1

The Sun Came up over the Mountains
I arose this morning to my father shaking my finger. Sound odd? It is odd. My dad is a strange character, like someone out of an old western movie. John Wayne meets the unabomber....this comparison is just based on looks of course.

Just FYI my mother is sitting right next to me as I compose this post and she is sure to say "he looks nothing like Ted Kaczynski...he's more of an old man from Snowy River." I have no idea what that means.

Just another one liner from Sue. Like "Let those Tetons smoke." You understand that? I didn't understand. (There's an entire story about this one-liner, feel free to ask, but it's associated with the "Trail of Tears.")

So I am woken up by the shaking of my own finger only to be greeted by the friendly words of my father, John Una-bomber Wayne,
"Wake up and go help your mother clean cabins."


We stay at a local Bed and Breakfast, Glacier Bed and Breakfast, in Hungry Horse, MT that is adorable and very peaceful.

Of course my dad, John Una bomber Wayne, makes friends everywhere he goes even though is practically a mute. So we stay at Bob's, the owner of Glacier Bed and Breakfast, and hang with him when we aren't up in the woods fighting the wilderness.

The poor man is bad sick so mom and I offered to clean his cabins while he ran the front store.

Post-Cabin Clean
Sue and I ran away after cleaning the cabins for Bob. I needed to buy an iPhone charger and a few gifts for friends and family back in the homeland so we set out to get some retail therapy. Ever had your phone die on you while you were out of town on vacation, and you still had work to discuss with your boss? You could say it's a tad stressful.

I found a classy Lucky Lil's gas station came equipped with an iPhone charger and plugged her into the ol' rent-a-car. The first challenge of the day was officially conquered.

Second challenge. The Financial Aid Fairy STRIKES AGAIN!
Financial Aid...Enough said.

Dinner....Finally! I Love Food!
Dinner was enhaled at the local Glacier View Pizza joint? I think that's what it's called. Nachos=amazing
Steak=not so much

The wine was delicious and just what the doctor ordered.

Snoqualmie Naked Riesling. HELLO! The waitress looked surprised when I asked for the "naked riesling."

Post Nude Riesling
Gifts were bought. Glacier National Park was toured....quickly, and my mom successfully acquired the internet user name and password from the hotel across the street. Mama is the only reason you are receiving this blog tonight...be grateful.

Do you smell something in the air?

No...it's not fresh mountain air. What is that? Is it the smell of someone who has been eating beans...sneaking up behind you?

....I sure hope not

Oh!! I know what it is.


Today's Goal: Escaping skunk...I can smell it! Ahhhh. Wish me luck.

Today's Obsession:
I love how my wine chills on its own while I'm outside. Who needs a fridge?

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  1. Let those Tetons smoke!!!! aaaaahahahahaha I love your parents. AND I LOVE this blog!! You are really funny Carlton!! Much love!