One Flight down, One to Go

Kalispell to Salt Lake City
So I can't believe I got through the little-plane flight to Salt Lake City from Kalispell, MT. I don't do small planes let's just get that clear.

So of course I ordered a little glass of vino on the flight and didn't finish the mini bottle they gave me, so I may have slipped it into my backpack...just call me Winona Ryder...but I like to steal from Delta. (kidding of course, I did pay for my wine. Ha! Sounds like a typical Winona response).

Salt Lake Airport
Of course the first thing I do when I get into an airport is eat and have something to drink...these are a few of my favorite things!

So I'm sitting here and the older lady looks at me and says "isn't our waiter cute." (There was a little bit of hinting, I'm not sure about what, maybe she thought I should hit on him or something?) She had a cute dog that she carried in her bag, so I ignored her ridiculous comment about hitting on the cute waiter.

So I'm sitting there being a creeper and oohing and awing over this fugly dog and I start to chat with the woman. So it turns out I get to know this woman, and she's pretty sweet. Worked in Advertising for years and got her degree for U of Florida in PR. INSTANT FRIENDS!! Oh and I love the fact she hand feeding her service pooch people food from her dinner. Okay, I have officially decided they are the sweetest couple ever! They've been on vacation to Billings, MT. and they're on their way back Nashville. Good people...I love meeting good people.

Anyhoo, I passed hitting on the airport waiter and decided I had better chances of happiness by ordering a large order of nachos.

Yeahhhhh boyyyyy.

Oh, wonderful! There is a delay in my flight, but at least I spy cute boys on my delayed flight! Yay! Hopefully I won't scare them away with my "xanex eyes".

Welp, that's all folks!

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