Mountain Vacation Day 3: Who ever said Rome wasn't Built in a Day?

Why you were left begging for more blog yesterday.
I realize for some of you, this blog gets you through at least 45 minutes of the work day. For others, it's merely a way to keep track of me and my family. So for not being able to post last night, I apologize. You should have seen the rain coming down, followed by lightening and thunder, followed by me shaking my fists violently at the air while my internet connection failed.

Mom and I hopped on the soaking wet 4wheeler, couldn't get it to start for a few minutes, then zoomed off towards my parent's property. Now I tell ya, there were two women on that 4 wheeler and that was enough. I'm afraid if there would have been another friend who needed a ride back last night we would have told them, "Sorry kid, there's just no room at the inn." We're sweet girls.

So I was driving and mom was suppose to be holding a towel over my head so I wouldn't get soaked...thanks for nothin' Mom. She was also suppose to be scanning the areas to the right and left of the 4 wheeler for bears. Again, thanks for nothing. She was just laughing hysterically....which got me laughing hysterically, so I'm sure that was enough to warn the bears we were coming through the woods.

We did get home soaking wet but safely. So here is yesterday's "Mountain Vacation Day 3" full story. Enjoy!

Who ever said Rome wasn't Built in a Day....was WRONG
I love to build things. They may not come out looking like they were built by a skilled person, but the fact that I built something with my own hands makes me happy. So when I told John Unabomber Wayne (my father) that I wanted to build a wild life observery...where the bears wouldn't be able to reach me, he shuddered.

So if John Wayne, the character or the man I call my father, actually ever shuddered at the idea of "hard times ahead" this is what it might look like. The look has never been captured on film, so I had to make due with what I think a John Wayne shudder what look like.

Today I, AKA my dad....AKA: John U. Wayne, built a fort in the middle of the woods. Don't worry, this old man in the photo didn't do ALL the work by himself,
I helped with the measuring part of the project. I will also let you in a little secret....we had to remeasure several times after I did :(

We're Tired of Building the Fort, lets push down some trees Instead
We got the basics of the fort up and in the tree after a short rain shower, then I hopped up and viewed the wild scenery. No wild life were seen, but I'm sure that's due to the lack of "peace and quite" in the North Fork since my mother and I have arrived. We're busy girls, we like to do many things, even if they are things like chainsawing trees down...which makes lots of noise, but it allows mom get out pent-up anger. Hehe. Don't mess with Mom when she's got a chainsaw in her hands.

I believe we pushed down/sawed-on a little over three trees last night post-fort construction. Since Mom got to chainsaw trees down, I had to pull them into the fire-pit area via 4 wheeler. I was in the mood to chainsaw myself so I cleaned off John U. Wayne's safety goggles and got to work!

I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle. Not even joking. After trying to cover up the fact that my arm was in serious pain, I put the saw down and ran inside for a glass of vino with Mom. That's pretty much how the night ended.

Rain Came.
I tried to Blog.
Rain Went.

Mom and I got after the Rummikub where she showed off her "talent" for counting numbers. Let's just say after a few brutal rounds of Rummi, we switched to the game Sorry!

The Beautiful Voice on the Other end of the Phone
I have been struggling over the idea of an IRA for the past few months since I have started receiving an official paycheck from the university. It's strange actually receiving income that the government knows about, and not working for a restaurant and being paid "under the table."

Anywho, so the idea of an IRA came up in conversation with a family member one day and I decided I would look into it. I called Vanguard, an investment company, and found a handsome young voice on the other end of the phone line.

It didn't matter he was so willing to help me, answer any question I had about IRA's, or just life in general. It was instant love at first listen! I'm sure he feels the same.

So, if you need financial advice, or just a deep voice to chat with, call Vanguard. I have decided on a Roth, just in case you were wondering.

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