HESI and Weak Shins

Weak Shins: An Actual Diagnosis
A friend of mine from last weekend's Trail of Tears apparently has been diagnosed with "weak shins." Hmm. She's definitely a tough cookie so I don't think she pulled that out of her butt, but still, that's an impressive diagnosis. Ever had shin splints?

Sunday night was my first experience with the infamous shin splint monster. I arrived back into the hottest city in Texas, Corpus Christi, and took off running. Little did I know I would surrender 2 miles down the road, not to a gangster, but to the Shin Splint Villon. He DOES exist. Don't doubt his power.

You're running happily, or as happy as you can run in 90 degree heat and 200% humidity, when suddenly the Shin Splint Villon comes flying into the front of your legs to cripple you!!...and kill your excellent mile pace that you've been working on for three weeks....Devil.

At first I thought it was my ghost being angry with me for ignoring her for the past 22 years of my life,

but after Googling shin splits, I found out there was a greater nemesis on the loose!

Ya like how Google is not only a noun but a verb as well? I love Googling things, how bout you?

F'ing HESI
I did NOT master an entire section of the HESI study guide last night, but I am almost finished. I've been switching from HESI, to studying, to working by 30 minute intervals so I don't get too bored with one thing. HESI math is pretty much elementary school math, it's the Physics and Chemistry I am genuinely concerned about. Being the fine student that I am, I am only giving myself 1 week to prepare for the HESI and I'm sure my grade will reflect that. Gladly my future does not depend on this exam, it just has to be taken and analyzed by the department.

Quesadilla Success
Mexican food makes me happy...it's just that simple. So preparing my wonderful steak bites and adding them to array of freshly chopped veggies last night was terrific. Add the margaritas and my life is complete!

Furniture is my Drug
I love the song by Kie$sha or however you spell it....Your Love is my Drug.

Sadly enough though, furniture is my drug. The picture of Kei$ha shown above is what I look like when I see an antique dresser that I just HAVE to have. My latest fix was purchasing a small dresser from an antique mall in the wonderful Fredericksburg, Tx. My only male amigo with a drill bit came over and drilled a hole in the back of my obsession so cable wires could go in and out smoothly. He was gladly paid in quesadillas and margaritas.

What a great life! Quesadillas and furniture.

Today's Goal: Run 4 miles and escape the Shin Splint Villon

Today's Obsession: Admiring my dresser that has a fresh hole drilled in the back for cable cords to run through. Eeeee! (excitement)

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