Mountain Vacation Day 2: Starin' Out at Heaven

Ever Looked Right at Heaven?
Have you ever been 6 miles from the Canadian border, been in the second story of century-old log cabin, been in a place where there is no cell service, running water, toilets or electricity? That's where I am...and it's amazing.

I'm sitting in my Aunt's little log cabin in the middle of no where, they recently set up a satellite to receive internet service, Lord love 'em! The following is a check list to prepare yourself for "roughin' it" Montana style.

Little log cabin?


Hikin' boots?



Check. Check. Check.

Outhouse? Yes, I said outhouse.

Check. Don't know what an outhouse is? Google it. Find out all the treasures of an outhouse.

Wow. Even without electricity this place is Amazing, with a capital "A". And don't think electricity is common in this neck of the woods. There isn't a town with electricity for 2 hours. (Just let that sink in for a minute).

So today when my mom and I arrived at our cabin in the woods we decided we needed to push down some trees....so we did! What a good stress reliever. No need for little stress balls around here, no sir! There are trees to push down with your bare hands!!

Now this is a honest to goodness personal photo I just took. There aren't words to describe how pretty it is up here. And this picture doesn't even do justice to the scene I'm viewing from my 2nd story window.

So that all happened today. What about tomorrow you might ask?
So what happens in Montana after you've soaked up the beautiful scenery, seen some animals, and pushed down a few trees?

You listen to the wolves howl....and if they don't howl within a good time period, you start howling yourself. A few miles down the road we have a neighbor who is a biologist. She researches wolves. She has graduate students come and do research to track the wolf behavior and movement through out the summer...male research students. Can you see where I'm going with this wolf thing yet?

These male research students are trying to track the movement of wolves in our area...and lets just say they're having trouble finding them. Uh ohhhh. What now? Do these biologists just pack up and go home when they can't find the wolves on their handy dandy transmitters? Nope. They listen for them.

Guess what I'm doing tonight?

If you hear howling wherever you are...do not be alarmed. I'm just doing a common wolf ritual known as "howling for biologists." Wish me luck!

Today's Goal: Howl-in some biologists and let them know that we heard wolves howling also...they should probably stay close by.

Today's Obsession:
Knockin' down trees with my bare hands!! YEAHHHH

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  1. Howl those grad students your way!!!! I wanna see pics if inside the awesome log house when you get a chance. When you're not pushing trees over, using the outhouse, or drinking vino :)